Openly Being

Hello, Revolutionary!

Hello, Revolutionary!

(I see you there, Courageous Heart.)

Welcome to Openly Being, THE place for tips + challenges for self-love and happier living – simplified.


This is a community of savvy and soulful self-starters and go-getters with heart, and we’re on a mission to create more love and happiness – not through constant self-“improvement”, but through genuine growth and authentic living.

We live by 3 rules around here:

Live Happy

Live Free


Get ready to say good-bye to not good enough.

Adios inner critic.

Bye-bye (bye) fear.

You, friend, are a REVOLUTIONARY, and your revolution begins here!

 (and I am beyond THRILLED to have you here)


Next steps:

Write your own Simple Happiness Pledge (and get your {r}evolution started)

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