Openly Being



what i am is good enough


Openly Being is about the experience of being human.

We are all so different, yet there are common challenges we face as we seek joy, peace, and connection in life.



Have you ever wondered what it would be like

if you could be yourself, just are you are?

if you could let go of the attachments that aren’t serving you anymore, and attach yourself to something more LIFE-AFFIRMING?

if you could bring more joy and freedom to your life?

more curiosity & compassion?

Me, too.


So one day in spring 2014 (pretty much out of the blue) I decided to find out.



This began as an experiment, really (what would happen if I started a blog?)

& it opened up a door that I didn’t even know had been closed.

But I do have a confession to make.



I don’t always know what I’m doing (GASP!) and vulnerability isn’t easy.

(read more about a confession, thanks, and invitation)

We all experience this feeling at some point, and it is at those times when we aren’t sure what we are doing that it can be the most powerful to choose to be seen and heard just as we are.


I’m so happy you’re here!

Please stay a while (& do come back again real soon).

Join in!


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